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Common Questions

Useful Information

What should I wear?

For Physical Therapy treatments wear loose fitting clothing. For an injury with the lower back, hips or legs a pair of shorts is recommended to assist with assessment and Physical Therapy treatments. For problems with the back/ribs, shoulders or neck you may be asked to remove your tops (except underwear) to allow access to the problem area. Wearing a string vest helps our female clients feel more comfortable. Towels will be used to preserve modesty but if you have any concerns please let us know.

How many Physical therapy treatments will I need?

The number of Physical Therapy treatments required depends on the many factors such as the condition itself, the length of time the problem has existed and your individual reaction to the treatment. Following your first appointment your physical therapist will discuss the anticipated number of Physical Therapy treatments with you.

As a rough example we may see you 5 to 6 times over a 10-12 week period for an issue such a knee problem, and after the first or second appointment we space out the appointments to every 2-3 weeks to allow you work on the rehabilitation exercises and make improvements in strength/control/flexibility before we progress you on to more advanced exercises. However this is decided in agreement with you based on your own wishes and any other concerns you may have.

What should I expect to feel after the treatment?

Sometimes there may be some discomfort after Physical Therapy treatment. This is short term and quickly subsides. Your Physical therapist will be able to discuss this or any aspect of your treatment with you. If you have any concerns please contact the clinic on 0833307854.

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